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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Flood Damage vs Water Damage: Know the Difference

You may be surprised to learn that your definition of a flood and your insurance company's definition may be different. And that difference may determine what type of insurance you need for your home. It could also...

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There Are A Few Things Every Homeowner Should Know

There are a few pieces of information every homeowner should know in order to protect their largest asset. As an insurance professional my biggest piece of advice is to understand how your home is insured and then to...

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Does Your Insurance Cover Rioting and Civil Commotion?

With the recent events taking place in our country I feel it is important to elaborate on riot and civil commotion coverage regarding homeowners, auto and small businessowners resulting in arson and property damage....

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Now Offering Pet Insurance with Nationwide

Wilson Insurance Brokers is happy to now offer coverage through Nationwide for all your furry, feathered and scaly family members. Nationwide allows its clients to take their pets to any licensed veterinarian anywhere...

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What You Need to Know About Auto Liability in the Event of an Accident

What You Need to Know About Auto Liability in the Event of an Accident What Does Liability Insurance Cover? Bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverages provide compensation for injuries to others,...

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6 Tips to Protect Your Home from Wildfires

There have been an increasing amount of emails and phone calls from clients concerned about their homes and if they have fire coverage due to the extreme losses people have been experiencing due to wildfires. The answer...

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Halloween Tips & The Modern Day Side Hustle (Uber & VRBO)

Halloween Tips for the SeasonThe #1 way to have a safe Halloween is if you must drive when Trick or Treaters are out, drive as cautiously as possible. With limited sight from costumes and excited little ones running...

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Let's Keep Our Lawns and Ourselves Safe

For many of our neighbors, summer means more than sunshine and vacations. It also means working in the yard – often with tools that can be dangerous if not used properly. Each year about 400,000 people are treated for...

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